Robert at sixteen

Robert at sixteen

Who am I?  This is a question I can now answer.  I am a kid that loves to be outside.  I love to be around animals.  I love to be around plants, and I like to take care of them.  I love to watch movies, and would like to make one, one day.  I have many hobbies, these include being outside, playing games, drawing and painting, being around animals, watching movies, and collecting plants.  I love to outdoors, in fact if I could be anywhere in the world, I wouldn’t care as long as I’m outdoors.  I love animals, I love being around them and I love to take care of them.  I like learning about them and their environment and how they live.  A new hobby I have is collecting plants.  I like plants because they make me feel outdoors.  They add a sense of life in a dull room, and I enjoy caring for them.  Playing video games is one of my favorite things to do.  I just love playing them. When I play video games it makes me feel like I am in that specific world that the video game takes place in.  My favorite game is Halo two.  I am an artist.  I love to draw and paint.  And I am quite good at it,  I like to draw fantasy creatures and worlds.  Drawing helps me to relax.  I am a big movie fan, especially lord of the rings.  I just like movies (who doesn’t).  But I like them so much that I want to direct a movie once.

I have many goals in life.  But they all add up to one big simple one: live happily.  In order to accomplish this I have many “lesser” goals to attend two.  Fist is to graduate high school.  I want to “pass” not just pass.  I then want to go to college, somewhere like the University of MN, or somewhere nearby.  I want to go to the University of MN because it has many science classes in which I need to take in order to become a zoologist, which is one of the things I want to be when I grow up.  I want to get Through College.  i will then become what I really want to be, a zoologist.  If I can’t get that job then I want to become an artist or movie director.  Once I get a good paying job I will start a family.  In order to accomplish all of this I first have to pass high school then I have to pass college and get a good paying job.  During college I will probably live with my parents if I go to school nearby.  If I have to move I would have to get a place that allows pets, since I have many.  I will have to get a good paying job to help pay for college.

I want to be a zoologist because I love animals and I love to be outside I love to observe how the certain animals live, breed, defend and all sorts of things.  I might also want to be an artist or director

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