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Judges have more knowledge of the civil jury system than anyone.
In a recent survey:

  • Ninety-one percent believe the system is in good condition
    needing, at best, only minor work.
  • Only 1 percent of the judges who responded gave the jury
    system low marks.
  • Judges have great faith in juries to solve complicated
  • Ninety-six percent said they agree with jury verdicts most
    or all of the time.
  • Nine of 10 judges said jurors show considerable understanding
    of legal issues involved in the cases they hear.

Dallas Morning News and Southern Methodist School of Law survey of federal trial judges in the United States, its territories and protectorates – over 900 judges. About 65% (594) of the federal judges responded. Allen Pusey, “Judges rule in favor of juries: Surveys by Morning News, SMU law school find overwhelming support for citizens’ role in court system,” Dallas Morning News, May 7, 2000.


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