And this particular error happened eight times previous to this in one year. I wonder if someone would have sued this hospital the first time this happened this would have changed things. How high would the award have had to been to change the process. Thankfully this happened to a high profile person such as Dennis Quaid so that this can get publicity.

California has a $250,000 cap. Was this the reason people did not sue prior to this case? No lawyer would take their case because they would lose money?

Maybe if we just sit by long enough everyone will be prevented from using state tort laws to hold people accountable. Why do we want to hold educators in our public schools accountable but when it comes to our lives well that is a different story. 100,000 people are killed each year by mistakes (frivolous human beings using those pesky frivolous lawsuits to find justice). 100,000 people killed every year and not even a mention on cable news.

So who is watching out for these people, the media, congress, doctors, nurses. Who?