It seems doctors just do not want to be responsible citizens like the rest of us. People want teachers of our public education system to be accountable but not doctors. Maybe the difference is the cost to each of us. Maybe it comes down to money. Holding teachers accountable will not cost each of us but holding doctors accountable will cost each of us money.

“But it’s not all sweetness and light down on the border. An 11-hour hearing in the Texas Legislature last fall featured “angry, frustrated doctors from Houston to Laredo” venting about ” overzealous oversight” by the Texas Medical Board, the regulatory body that got beefed up to safeguard Texans from bad docs when the malpractice curbs were enacted, the Houston Chronicle reported. Complaints to the board have increased dramatically, and disciplinary actions against docs has nearly tripled since 2001. ”

Or maybe they are not getting the doctors they want.

“Want to know what else has gone up? Patient complaints and actions against doctors by the Texas Medical Board.”

Texas”Tort Reform” a Disaster for Citizens

In 1995 then Governor Bush had tort reform passed. Part of the deal forced the insurance industry to not raise premiums for five years. In 2001 the insurance industry raised their premiums over 120%. So in 2001 doctors screamed again and guess what, tort reform again.